Totems are the carvings attached to the flute. Below are some standard ones; custom carvings are also available. Click on a picture for a larger view.

Take anywhere Flutes
Traditional Bird loon eagle
Traditional Bird Loon Eagle
Feather (top) Feather (side) coyote
Feather (Top) Feather (Side) Coyote
Bear Wolf
Bear Wolf

Tiny Cedar and Tiny Elderberry Flutes
tiny wolf Tiny Trad Bird Tiny eagle
Wolf Traditional Bird Eagle
Tiny Feather (top) tiny feather (side)
Feather (Top) Feather (Side)

Drone and Harmony Flutes
Drone Eagle Flat eagle Turtle
Crying Eagle Flat Eagle Turtle
Buffalo Flat wolf Drone Loon
Buffalo Flat Wolf Loon
Twin Feathers Drone Wolf
Twin Feathers Wolf

Deep Bass Flutes
Bass Wolf Bass Eagle
Wolf Eagle