The Decline and Fall of the American Empire

The American War - one of them, anyway...

Just think of what could have been accomplished with all that wasted money!

Not only is money being wasted, so are lives. And for what?

"The evil Saddam has Weapons of Mass Destruction! We must stop him or he'll use them on us!" says George.

Haven't found many of them, have you George? Oh, well, can't be right evey time. Even if Iraq did have Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) stockpiles once, they were no threat to the USA homeland. And speaking of WMD stockpiles: which country has the most - and most deadly - weapons? Which country has shown a willingness to use them, up to and including nukes? Which country continues to develop these globally-threatening weapons, despite signed treaties? Which country believes it has the God-given right to use those weapons wherever it damn well pleases? Why, yes, George, I think it is your country!

"Well, it seems Iraq did not have WMD stockpiles after all. But Saddam was a threat to the USA and had to be stopped!" says George.

Thanks for clearing up the confusion about WMD stockpiles, George. As for the threat to the USA: well, George, what threat was that? Was Saddam poised to invade the USA? Were the Republican Guards massing at the US border?

"He supported terrorists!" cries George.

Perhaps he did, though the evidence to support that claim seems awfully weak. You tried (and failed) to pin 9/11 on Saddam. Anything else worrying you, George? Maybe something to do with oil?

"It was never about oil!" protests George, growing red in the face and thumping his Bible. "Saddam is a godless, evil madman!"

Evil? Yes, he is a Very Bad Man, no denying that. Perhaps not on the scale of Adolph Hitler, but still, in his own limited sphere, not someone who should be running a country. And Saddam may be godless (I don't really know), but let's not take that to mean Muslims are godless; their concept of God is just a bit different from yours.

And it was all about oil, George, as the whole world knows. You need Iraqi oil to fuel your economy and keep your rich friends rich. Of course your adventure in Iraq is helping trash the economy of the USA, but I'll bet that's not affecting your rich supporters, is it? War is always about wanting what someone else has and taking it away from them by force.

You seem to be very successful at lying to your own people, George; and a small majority of your people seem to like being lied to. It helps to keep them ignorant about the rest of the world, to stoke their paranoia with constant warnings of terrorist attack, and to encourage an us-against-them mentality. The rest of the world is not so easily duped (Tony Blair doesn't count - he went against the wishes of his own people). There are a great many of us watching you, George, with a disturbing mixture of disgust, horror and amusement, watching what is clearly the decline and fall of the American Empire. For the sake of your people, I hope that fall is not too painful, except to you and your friends.


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