At long last my new songbook is finished and ready for you to enjoy. 

 The songbook includes 10 original songs, for the Native American five hole pentatonic , flute which are written out with symbols so that you need no experience with reading music to use it. (See sample picture below).

The book comes with a CD of all the songs so that you can learn them by playing along with the CD. You can choose a CD in one of the following  pentatonic keys: Low C,  Low D,  Low E,  F#,  G,  A,  High C                                                and High E

 These songs can also be played with a six hole pentatonic flute by keeping the third hole down from the mouth piece covered while you are playing.

 This songbook is perfect for flute circles.  There are no clashing notes with the pentatonic key so you can have lots of fun if other members have flutes with the same pentatonic scale as yours.  You can play the songs as rounds or have some people play all the repeats whiles others play the song through twice without repeating. You can even play two different songs at the same time. You will only be limited by your imagination.

I Now have a second book. This one is an instructional book for learning to play the five hole pentatonic Native American flute.  This book comes with a CD and covers all of the material I use when I do workshops to teach people how to play my flutes.  At present the CDs come in Low C,  F#, G, and E pentatonic scales.