You do not actually blow into this flute. Rather let a good steady breath just flow into the flute from down deep. You can experiment and get different effects by breathing harder or softer. Everyone develops their own style of music with these flutes. There are a number of people that play them professionally. Listening to their recordings might give you some ideas. Two performers that I like are Carlos Nakai and Kevin Locke. Any good music store should have or be able to get their recordings.

There might be a Native American Flute circle in your area. Check out the web site of the International Native American Flute Association for listings.

Your flute is precision tuned so you can play along with other instruments. If you are getting a lot of "squeaks" or poor tone it is likely that your fingers are not completely covering the holes (or the carved figure is loose or out of adjustment).

I started making these flutes because I love the sound of them (I have 24 of my flutes in my own collection). I hope you will enjoy your flute as much as I do mine. Maybe we will get to play a duet someday.

General Fingering for Pentatonic Scales