The flute was originally finished with olive oil and beeswax. If it is showing signs of drying out, you can put a bit of oil on your fingers and give it a touch up. Cedar is a soft wood and will dent if it is struck. You can consider the dents part of the character of the flute or you can sand them with fine sand paper and re-oil.

Attaching the totem

Line the front of the carved top up with the front of the divider between the two chambers. You can adjust it back and forth to slightly change the tone and the pitch.

Hold the flute under your arm so you have both hands free to tie the leather lacing very tightly. You might want to sit down and let the flute rest on your lap. Do this each time you play because the leather will stretch.

For Drone Flutes: Slide the little wedge under the leather after you have tied it to make it even tighter.